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Press Release: City Brand Media, LLC and Ammar Kubba’s afterTHOUGHT Announce Exclusive Partnership To Market Premium Vanity Email Addresses in 250+ Markets

Scottsdale, AZ.  May 4, 2016.  City Brand Media, LLC (“CBM”) has entered into an exclusive partnership agreement with Ammar Kubba’s afterthought, Inc., owner of the [email protected] vanity email platform”, and plans to implement the program in over 150 markets where CBM owns and/or manages City(dot)com brands.  The @identity platform allows individuals and businesses to register and use new personalized email addresses incorporating their city name.

“We feel there is a strong demand for individuals and businesses alike to simplify and consolidate their online identity,”, states Fred Mercaldo, CEO of City Brand Media, LLC. “Now, rather than long and generic email addresses, there is an opportunity to have a digital identity associated with your hometown, with either first name, last name, initials, or any other string (e.g., or business identity (e.g.,”

Ammar Kubba initially invested in @identity as a platform primarily for geo-based domains, but after receiving strong interest and sustained market demand, the vision quickly expanded to include global brands and affinity groups seeking to promote their brands and reward their customers with personalized and branded email addresses.  “Fred and I have been exploring this partnership for quite some time now, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the CBM network and their broad marketing reach gives @identity its best chance to fulfill my original vision and succeed on a large scale.”  The initial rollout is just the tip of the iceberg, with an additional 100+ international City/Country(dot)com brands currently being developed by CBM that will go live on the platform over time. “ I have no doubt that the proven and immensely talented CBM team are the right partners to take @identity to the next level, and I’m also happy to say that I will continue to be involved with the project in an advisory capacity, doing what I can to further ensure our success.

Marketing collateral and videos, price modeling, and platform infrastructure and product refinements are currently underway, and the platform is scheduled to beta launch in the first markets as early as June 1st.  

“We’re in the final stages of selecting a major advertising and PR firm to help us launch in each major market.  We anticipate strong demand for the @identity product in both large and small markets alike, and these email addresses will also go a long way in promoting our online brands, providing an enhanced monetization solution for our partners and clients, and further solidifying the awareness, branding, and presence that a City(dot)com site should have in each and every city,” states Mercaldo.

Contact information. 602-859-3786

About City Brand Media, LLC:  City Brand Media, LLC is a media, publishing, and software development company dedicated to the City and geo domain market space.  With offices in Oakland, California and Scottsdale, Arizona, CBM presently has 400 city brands under exclusive management.

About Ammar Kubba:  Ammar Kubba is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, business adviser, and lifelong learner. He is the Founder and CEO of afterTHOUGHT, an investment and advisory firm with diverse holdings, including Internet domain names, intellectual property assets, technology businesses, and real estate.

Fred Mercaldo

The CEO and Partner of, Fred Mercaldo, is a pioneer in the Geo Domain industry. Fred currently serves as the President of the newly-formed trade association which is a non-profit organization that provides support and a vision for anyone who owns, works in, or is interested in the local online business.

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