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Press Release: City Brand Media, LLC Rolls Out New Email Service & Announces Key Additions to Executive Team

Scottsdale, AZ.  August 28th, 2016. City Brand Media (CBM), known for its nationwide network of websites built on(City).com domain names (like and, is taking advantage of those assets to introduce a new city-based email platform. The  service gives customers an opportunity to acquire an email address tied to their home town like, an example used in a 60-second video at that details how the service works. City Brand Media has over 100 (City).com sites currently active and expects that number to swell to 300 by October 1, so the service will be available in wide array of markets.

CEO & Partner Fred Mercaldo told me the service just started with a soft launch in the Scottsdale market that generated over $7,000 in revenue in the first three days of availability. “We had numerous and expected glitches that have been fixed, and we are now in the process of creating 25 additional custom videos for the launch this month of and two dozen more (City).com  brands we manage in the Bay Area,” Mercaldo said.

“Our ultimate goal for CBM and our client (City).com owners is to have this platform available on 400 sites. At that level if we sell only 5 email addresses per month per site, this program will generate over $200,000 per month in recurring yearly revenue and we expect to exceed this number,” Mercaldo added.

CBM’s email platform will get a boost from a new alliance with Arizona State University. Mercaldo told us, “Beginning August 18th, five seniors and graduate students at the ASU Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication’s PR Labwill have the “City Brand Email” platform as a class project, delivering to us a formal business plan on how to successfully market these custom City-based emails in every market, large and small.”

“Recently, this PR Lab developed complete marketing strategies for our government’s website, and last semester completed comprehensive marketing analysis for Avnet andInfusionSoft. These students are cutting edge and extremely advanced individuals who frankly, I am more impressed with than numerous existing digital agencies already operating in the marketplace.”

In addition the new service news, CBM announced the addition of five key members to their Executive Team – President Jason Banks, Chief Financial Officer Chris Buls, Chief Growth OfficerAndrew Bart, Advisory Board member Ammar Kubba and Syndicated Featured Columnist Don Henninger.

CBM’s addition of Henniger underscores the company’s commitment to producing rich content for the network that will generate and continually grow traffic to CBM Sites. Henniger is a former Managing Editor of the Arizona Republic and Publisher/CEO of the Phoenix Business Journal. At CBM he will be  writing a weekly column for called “The Human Side Of Business.

Mercaldo noted “new President Jason Banks has an incredible track record in our very space, with successful monetization and network building of city portals for over 15 years.  Jason also brings with him a proven team of outsourcing resources in the social media, programming, content, and platform building arenas.  Jason is full time with CBM as of this week, and we are very excited to have him lead our team.”

Of course, the name of new Advisory Board member Ammar Kubba (Founder & CEO of afterTHOUGHT) is already well known to everyone in the domain space. Mercado said, “Ammar is the owner of the email “@identity” program that CBM is in the process of purchasing and installing on what will be 400 managed sites. Ammar has retained a 10% interest in the platform.  He has been a close friend of mine for many years, and his track record speaks for itself.”

While CBM already has a big footprint in the U.S. their growth will not be contained by America’s borders. Mercaldo said, “Our international portfolio is incredible. We expect all international sites, depending upon size, to be launched in early 2017.  However, we are presently not seeking or signing, except in special cases, any new (City).com brands until we address all of our existing brands under contract, and the content, SEO and monetization needs of them all.”

Contact information. 602-859-3786

About City Brand Media, LLC:  City Brand Media, LLC is a media, publishing, and software development company dedicated to the City and geo domain market space.  With offices in Oakland, California and Scottsdale, Arizona, CBM presently has 400 city brands under exclusive management.

About Ammar Kubba:  Ammar Kubba is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, business adviser, and lifelong learner. He is the Founder and CEO of afterTHOUGHT, an investment and advisory firm with diverse holdings, including Internet domain names, intellectual property assets, technology businesses, and real estate.

Fred Mercaldo

The CEO and Partner of, Fred Mercaldo, is a pioneer in the Geo Domain industry. Fred currently serves as the President of the newly-formed trade association which is a non-profit organization that provides support and a vision for anyone who owns, works in, or is interested in the local online business.

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