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Press Release: Announces Major Development and Marketing Deal with eMall.CA to Launch 42 Geo Related Brands today announced a major development and marketing deal with eMall.CA, owner of over 7,000 .CA domain names. The deal specifically includes 42 geo-related sites, and expands CitiesPlanet’s portfolio to now feature the Canadian .CA extension, and will include country domains in addition to City.CA domains.

“We are very excited to announce this deal with eMall.CA and their CEO, Peter Maxymych. The Canadian market is massive, and the top brands that eMall.CA owns will fit very well with both our software platform and marketing strategies. Names such as LasVegas.CA, NewYork.CA, MiamiBeach.CA will be developed, along with country names Mexico.CA, France.CA, Brazil.CA, and many more. Once built, we will seek joint venture partnerships with organizations such as tourism boards and other entities that target the Canadian market. The possibilities are endless, and we welcome this valuable portfolio into our family of pure geo brands,” said Fred Mercaldo, Founder and CEO of

eMall.CA, based in Montreal, Canada, has been looking for a platform and marketing solution for these brands, and is banking on CitiesPlanet’s past expertise in geo development, along with the recent CitiesPlanet partnership with Tallwave, a Scottsdale based venture capital and development company. “After meeting with both Fred and the Tallwave executives in Scottsdale, I believe they are the best equipped to deliver not only the right software platform for our brands, but also the SEO, marketing and branding these large projects need. We look forward to the launch and growth of this portfolio,” states Peter Maxymych, CEO of eMall.CA.

CitiesPlanet recently partnered with Tallwave, the world’s first Commercializor, to engineer the new platform and take it to market. With founders from Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft, Tallwave joint ventures with promising, early-stage technology companies to bring in top operators, methods and connectivity to scale up Marketing, Sales, Product and Operations.

CitiesPlanet is a Scottsdale based software development and geo-domain management company. Expected to reach over 150 pure geo-domain brands launched by years end, CitiesPlanet is currently building the next generation of their industry leading City In The Box software solution. For more information, please visit To contact Fred Mercaldo, call 602-859-3786 or email

About eMall.CA
eMall.CA owns and operates CheapTickets.CA (a travel site), HockeyTickets.CA, eTickets.CA, and owns one of the largest portfolio of TLD names in Canada, including Golfing.CA and SkiResorts.CA. For more information and to view their portfolio, please visit www.eMall.CA To contact Peter Maxymych, please call 305-310-5544, or email to Peter@nulleMall.CA.

About Tallwave
Tallwave is a commercializor.
Headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, with offices in Los Angeles, the company creates and maximizes commercial success and shareholder value for entrepreneurs and investors by validating, scaling and managing early-stage and growth ventures with a hands-on approach. The combination of Tallwave’s proprietary lean Business Blueprint™ system for product and company validation, and its unique Operator Model™ for resource development and management, sets the company apart from incubators, accelerators and venture capital firms whose business models limit the range of resources they provide. For more information about Tallwave, visit or call 602-840-0400. Media Contact for Tallwave: Media Contact: Linda Capcara, TechTHiNQ,, 480-229-7090.

Fred Mercaldo

The CEO and Partner of, Fred Mercaldo, is a pioneer in the Geo Domain industry. Fred currently serves as the President of the newly-formed trade association which is a non-profit organization that provides support and a vision for anyone who owns, works in, or is interested in the local online business.

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